Actress, Writer, Comic, Singer, Host, VO, Coach. And Mother. 

Super-Souly, Very Silly, Somewhat Surly, Seldom Still-y. 

Forever a Work-in-Progress. 

Originally from UK. Now in USA. 

Un-boxed - except this one. 

Katie Fabel​​

"​If there were such a thing, Katie Fabel would surely win a Tony for the best facial expressions, keenly nuanced and organic to each situation." THE EXAMINER

​​"...keenly defined by bombshell Katie Fabel."  Variety.

 "Smashingly turned by Katie Fabel" - NYTIMES

"...Katie Fabel’s versatility suggests a talent to watch"  WhatsonStage​

LEGIT Agents
Wolf Talent Group​ - Teresa Wolf, Frankie Moran & Kym Smith NYC 212-840-6787

​Innovative Artists NY Mickey Shera, Marla Haut, Debra Sherry VO, NYC 212-659-5100

Atlas Talent NY/LA - Heather Vergo, Ricky Myers NYC 212-730-4500 LA 310-324-9800

​Innovative Artists - Debra Sherry, Allan Duncan, Shari Hoffman NYC 212-659-5100

​​"Katie Fabel is delightfully impish..."   TalkinBroadway