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"Katie Fabel, in particular, is so funny... she makes you wish they would simply remount the play." VARIETY

​​"...keenly defined by bombshell Katie Fabel."  VARIETY


  Katie Fabel​​

 "The impeccably nutty Katie Fabel" - Teen Critic - STC 

"Katie Fabel’s versatility suggests a talent to watch" WHATSONSTAGE

"Fabel bridges the gap between personal conviction and outside expectation, and lets us see the agonized heartbreak we can incur when an imbalance forms between them." TALKINBROADWAY

Recipe: ​Mix a tablespoon of old soul, a pinch of silly, a large cup of compassion, a teaspoon of fierce, 13 liters of love, equal parts Brit/American, a pot of daffodils, and a bathtub full of colorful beads & edible glitter... Get a cup of tea, a piece of possibly inedible cake, a warm hug, some witty anecdotes, and a song, maybe. xoxox

​​​"Katie Fabel is delightfully impish..."   TalkinBroadway

Reviews: "The best such moment is... Smashingly turned

by Katie Fabel" - NEW YORK TIMES

"​If there were such a thing, Katie Fabel would surely win a Tony for the best facialexpressions, keenly nuanced and organic to each situation." THE EXAMINER