​​​"Katie Fabel is delightfully impish..."   TalkinBroadway

"Katie Fabel’s versatility suggests a talent to watch" WHATSONSTAGE

​​"...keenly defined by bombshell Katie Fabel."  VARIETY


Reviews: "The best such moment is... Smashingly turned

by Katie Fabel" - NEW YORK TIMES

  Katie Fabel​​

"Katie Fabel, in particular, is so funny... she makes you wish they would simply remount the play." VARIETY

 "The impeccably nutty Katie Fabel" - Teen Critic - STC 

"Fabel bridges the gap between personal conviction and outside expectation, and lets us see the agonized heartbreak we can incur when an imbalance forms between them." TALKINBROADWAY

"​If there were such a thing, Katie Fabel would surely win a Tony for the best facialexpressions, keenly nuanced and organic to each situation." THE EXAMINER

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