Katie Fabel, who plays Antigone's sister Ismene, is an unqualified success. Her entire manner, from her posture to her voice to even the drop of her hair, is that of a young woman torn between extremes... When Fabel's Ismene pleads before Creon... the show finds tension and genuine emotion ... Fabel bridges the gap between personal conviction and outside expectation, and lets us see the agonized heartbreak we can incur when an imbalance forms between them. It's a sumptuous scene linking to Antigone at its best... TALKINBROADWAY

​​"...keenly defined by bombshell Katie Fabel."  VARIETY

"Katie Fabel, in particular, is so funny... she makes you wish they 

would simply remount the play." VARIETY

"Katie Fabel’s versatility suggests a talent to watch" WHATSONSTAGE

 "The impeccably nutty Katie Fabel" - Teen Critic 

"​​Sharply etched performances from the supporting players, including Katie Fabel as the daughter, Ada." NYTIMES

"The best such moment is smashingly turned by Katie Fabel" - NEW YORK TIMES

"​If there were such a thing, Katie Fabel would surely win a Tony for the best facial expressions, keenly nuanced and organic to each situation." THE EXAMINER

​​​  Katie B Fabel​​




​​​​​"Katie Fabel is delightfully impish..."   TalkinBroadway