The casting is impeccable, ... Cecily – simple, smart and approachable – is brought to life with nuance and verve by Fabel - DC THEATRE SCENE

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 Dizzy blonde Brooke (the innocently bawdy Katie Fabel) TheatreMania

Tree-Lighting Bell at The New York Stock Exchange
with Irish Rep and A Childs Christmas in Wales.

Anna in Indie Tunnel Of Love - by Daniel Johnson

News & Press

Katie Fabel's portrayal of Cecily, Worthing's ward and object of Algernon's attentions, likewise shines, with a subtle deadpan that gives Wilde's zingers a neat spin. - Baltimore Sun 

​​Sharply etched performances from the supporting players, including Katie Fabel as the daughter, Ada. NYTIMES

Smashingly turned by Katie Fabel as Cecily …The innocent-looking Ms. Fabel has the best such moment, finding all the comedy in “A Wicked Man,” in which she confesses a yearning for something naughty. NYTimes

Katie Fabel is lively and funny in the contrasting roles of Isabelle and Sabine, talkinbroadway

One Man Two Guvnors at The Pioneer Theatre 

Anne in Belle of Belfast at Cherry Lane Theatre 

Come behind-the-scenes of A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN WALES to find out more about how this warm, nostalgic, musical is "a play about everybody's family."

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Ada in Mary Broome at The Mint Theatre Off Broadway  - directed by Jonathan Bank

* Katie Fabel gives a playful, seductive performance as Hypatia, one of Shaw's most intriguing heroines, in "Misalliance." ... as the duplicitous-and-proud-of-it Hypatia, Fabel injects the show with a sharp, modern edge. Playing all the men around her like fiddles — and, more importantly, insisting upon her right to do so — Hypatia is one of Shaw's more provocative heroines. With a sharp sparkle in her eyes and a mischievous pout in her expression, Fabel is proof that Shaw's work can still feel relevant and fresh.

both played delightfully and with marked contrast of personality by Katie Fabel for the usual comedy of errors results.  CURTAINUP

As Grete, she commands both Jonathan and each of her two interview scenes with a calculated slyness and imposingly accurate Teutonic accent.’ - San

Wrote Short Play "Lely & The Lifecoach" - part of sell-out run of 6Stories  at The Pit Loft NYC. 

Starring Pooya Mohseni and Melissa Wolff and produced by Gregor Collins, all pictured below. 

Brooke in Noises Off at Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey 

Hypatia in G.B.Shaw's Misalliance ​at The Shakespeare Theatre Of New Jersey. 

The beautiful blond siren (Katie Fabel), dressed all in gold... plays a travel agent, a waitress and a mystery woman onboard the ship but is most adorable as the technologically naïve siren.  NYTIMES

Grete in Sight Unseen at Old Globe San Diego 

Cecily in The Importance Of Being Earnest at The Shakespeare Theatre, DC 

A Child's Christmas in Wales - Off Broadway at Irish Repertory Theatre

Alongside Tony-winner legend John Cullum & friends.

The Siren in Sirens at Penguin Rep - directed by Joe Brancato

Wrote and Produced PSFU pilot ELECTIVE DANCE

I don't recall having been as enamored as much before with the minor but important characters many of whom are the real comical backbone of the plot...Katie Fabel uses a slightly flakey façade to indicate Bianca's modest gentility. CurtainUp

Off -Broadway at Irish Repertory Theatre 

Ismene in Seamus Heaney's adaptation of Antigone - 

'A Burial At Thebes' .  

 Morosco and Fabel prove to be so expert at the piquant verbal jousting they might as well be wearing medieval mail under Perdziola’s elegant Victorian finery  - Washington Post

Bianca in Taming of The Shrew at STNJ

Katie plays Courtney in The Incoherents  - Indie Rock Feature Film by Jeff Auer and directed by Jared Barel. More info here... 

...adapted from Sophocles by the great Irish poet Seamus Heaney, is lovely to hear, even as it tells a vicious tale... setting in motion the tragedy and raising the ideas that keep the play enduringly vital — of what is good versus what is legal, of our obligation to ourselves versus our duty to society. NYTIMES 

Brooke Ashton, who flits about in her undies and keeps losing her contact lens, is keenly defined by bombshell Katie Fabel. VARIETY


This is a fantastic indie screenplay as if OLD SCHOOL and SIDEWAYS met THE BLUES BROTHERS,

Mary Hatch in It's A Wonderful Life at Irish Repertory Theatre Off Broadway

Isabelle/Sabine in The Liar at STNJ 

* In the role of the chaste young matron, La Presidente de Tourvel, Katie Fabel was exceptionally lovely. Tourvel is a difficult character because she must appear both delicate and beautiful but have a very strong will and sense of morality. While her character is eventually broken by Valmont's seduction, she can't appear weak or too easily won. Fabel did a splendid job with her portrayal. EdgeMediaNetwork

Marianne in Sense & Sensibility at Theatre Works Palo Alto 

Just cos... 

Cecily in Ernest in Love at Irish repertory theatre 

Written and Directed by By Katie Fabel. (Before a Joke became Reality.) 

Starring Winsome Brown, Lauren Wickel, Pooya Mohseni, Robert Langdon Lloyd, Daren Kelly, Katie Fabel, Andrew Fallaize, Kenny Francoeur, Chris Booth, Gregor Collins, Jeremiah Cothren and Dug Baker.

PSFU = Political Satire For(from) the Under-informed. View Full Pilot on Youtube HERE. 

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* If there were such a thing, Katie Fabel would surely win a Tony for the best facial expressions, keenly nuanced and organic to each situation. EXAMINER

Played Madame De Tourvel in Les Liaisons Dangereuse

at Palm Beach Dramaworks.

Katie Fabel, who plays Antigone's sister Ismene, is an unqualified success. Her entire manner, from her posture to her voice to even the drop of her hair, is that of a young woman torn between extremes: striving to maintain her blood-innate regality while longing to do the right thing by her deities and her lineage alike. When Fabel's Ismene pleads before Creon to assume some of Antigone's responsibility to keep them on equal footing, the show finds tension and genuine emotion ... Fabel bridges the gap between personal conviction and outside expectation, and lets us see the agonized heartbreak we can incur when an imbalance forms between them. It's a sumptuous scene linking to Antigone at its best...


* the acting is superb.  Jennifer Le Blanc (Elinor) and Katie Fabel (Marianne) are the perfect foils for each other, balancing the sense of societal duty with the impulsive emotions of what the heart desires... portrayed with an authenticity that drew me in. It wasn’t long before the torments and joy of both sisters were also mine. StarkInsider

*... cast member who really seems in their element is Katie Fabel. ... Fabel is delightful in her supporting role as a dimwitted but lovable romantic interest. BroadwayWorld. 

Katie hosts The Downton Abbey Marathon on PBS ThirteenWNET - See PROMO here